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JIA Plan Posts and Top posts to Post

A.      Orientation

                                I.            What is the JIA Plan

B.      Japan and Japanese

                                I.            Japanese: Language Nutshells

  • a. Origins of Japanese
  • b.Kanji
  • c. Kana

                              II.            How to Tell the difference between Major Asian Languages

C.      To Learn – Methodology – All the Majors!

                                I.            General Approaches to Language Learning

  • a. Immersion approaches
  • b.AJATT
  • c. Rosetta Stone Types

d.Farber's Method

                              II.            Textbook/Classes styles

                            III.            Speaking focuses

  • a. Moses McCormicks’ FLR
  • b.Benny Lewis’s Fluent in 3 Months
  • c. Flow Method

                            IV.            Academic/Reading approaches

  • a. Extensive Reading
  • b.Intensive Reading

                              V.            Test Based

                            VI.            Fast track based styles

D.      Popular Courses and Methods Reviewed

                                I.            AJATT Neutrino

                              II.            Wanikani

                            III.            Remembering the Kanji by Heseig

                            IV.            Rosetta Stone

E.       Tools for the Trade

                                I.            Spaced Repetition System

                              II.            Japanese Keyboards

  • a. IME’s  (attached)

F.       Dictionaries

                                I.            Online

                              II.            Paper/Hardback

G.     Books

                                I.            Grammar Books

H.      Electronics

                                I.            Nintendo DS + PS3

I.        Supplies

J.        Programs

K.      Popular Tools Reviewed

L.       LWT

M.    Exercises and Games

                                I.            Shadowing

a. Resources (attached)

                              II.            Studying when Sick

                            III.            Kanji Game

N.     Intellectual and Motivational

O.     Shopping/Places to Visit (Non Japan)

P.      Changing Stages from E-J to J-J

Q.     When should you starting using J-J tools

R.      How to read J-J dictionaries

Please Note the JIA plan will be changing and updating as the blog has been laid out differently and will soon have the legacy type articles replaced with the new Action plan format! So keep an eye out for changes! Articles will be added and changed over the next year, including the release of a Japanese – Japanese style for those in their intermediate to advanced stages.

Want to see a change? Something Added? Make sure to send an email!

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