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What is the JIA Plan?


Where It All Began

JIA stands for Japanese in Action and that’s exactly what this blog and this particular plan is about. If you’ve found yourself floating around not sure where to get started, or just want to see how others are doing things, then you’ll be right at home here.

When I first began to learn Japanese I loved to talk about it, and as others asked about it, I found that I had been saying the same things, talking about the same resources, and so on. Thus this blog was born. Rather than going in to so much constant detail, I’d just send them to the blog. But I digress. Onward!

Takeaway Point: JIA is a place to get direction, resources, and places for immersion

Where to Go

In the JIA Plan link up on the menu bar, you’ll find the table of contents for the guide. The guide is broken into sections and what not, each major categories. Just find a section, find a topic, and off you go!

  1. Check out the JIA Plan! Click the JIA Plan link up on the menu bar!
  2. Explore the links in the blog to find all sorts of shenanigans for Japanese learning!

Mikoto Neko

The Ring leader of multiple projects who is studying japanese and raising a family! Who needs time for sleep?
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