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A handful of years ago, a particular Mikoto started learning Japanese for fun. While babies and moving came along it wasn't long before some friends started asking her what she was doing. Thus "Mikoto's Adventures in Japanese" was born as a page for her friends to see what she was up to. Stumbling along the way she made some kick-butt friends, and together decided to launch forward in a new way. Though incidentily a major life changer (babies aren't enough?) caused the blog to go on a semi perminat hiatus, the team is back and ready to bring to you tons of Japanse fun, resources, guides, and musings. Armed with Awesome, our team is a Non-Profit, just for the fun of it, blog meant to simply help motivate others to explore Japanese. With getting things done as our focus, almost all aspects of this blog will be devoted to giving you actionable steps to follow. Hope you enjoy!