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I: Online Dictionaries (check out some reviews here)

  1. Denshi Jisho
  2. E Words
  3. Dictionary
  4. Space ALC (absolute favorite)
  5. Zoguko Dictionary
  6. Tangorin

II: Sites focused on learning with or finding sentences

  1. RhinoSpike
  2. Tatoeba
  3. Tangorin
  4. Space ALC
  5. Read the Kanji

III: Sites focused on Kanji learning

  1. Kanji Damage
  2. Koohii RTK

IV: Grammar orientated sites

  1. Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide

V: All-in-One

  1. TextFugu
  2. AJATT Silver Spoon

VI: English blogs about Learning Japanese (just overall good info for self learners)

  2. Tofugu
  3. Japanese Level Up
  4. Liana’s Extensive Reading Journal
  5. Lan’dorien’s Mysterious Journey
  6. Three Pounds Flax

VII: Cooking Websites

  1. Adventures in Bento Making
  2. Cook Pad
  3. E-Recipe

VIII: Lots of Reading materials (books and such and a lot more to add soon)

  1. Kankomie (sadly this one is down, going to leave link in case it comes back later :( )
  2. RevTK’s Audio books w/transcripts
  3. Hukumusume
  4. Mokuji
  5. Japanese Log’s Listing of stories w/transcripts

IX: Flash Card Reviewing and Games

  1. / Iknow
  2. Quizlet
  3. Anki (woot, the best <3)
  4. Usagichan’s Genki Resources (the little flash games entertain me)
  5. surusu
  6. Memrize

X: Sites that link useful sites (haha I know, but you might find something I didn’t like in them, but I still found them useful!)

  1. Nihongo E na
  2. Tofugu’s 100 best resources

XI: Tools and Random Sites

  1. Lang8 – get your writing corrected by natives
  2. Ameba – popular Japanese Blog site
  3. Ameba pigg – because chatting with Piggs is best (jk)
  4. Blog Ranker – Japanese blogs that are popular
  5. ReMOD – Read More or Die Contest held every 3 months, lots of fun!
  6. Kaosute – Shows various text emotes common in the Japanese online community
  7. Robert Loparo Photography – Beautifully taken pictures of Japan
  8. LWT: Learning With Text (Online info through Fluent in 3 Months)
  9. LWT: Learning with Text (Downloadable Open source information)
  10. Dani’s Space Inserter (for lwt)
  11. ReadtheKanji

XII: Media and News sites

  1. – Music fixation station
  2. Crunchy  Roll – because taking subs off anime is best!
  3. GyaO – streaming Japanese (JP ip needed)
  4. Niconico Douga – beats youtube’s socks
  5. D-Addicts – for the Drama Addicts out there
  6. NHK Online
  7. Stickam Japan – interesting site, live streams
  8. Weekly World News
  9. Mainichi – News for kids
  10. Manga News – because news is so much better with pictures
  11. Simul Radio – radio stations in Japan

XIII: Blogs about all sorts of things

  1. Cat’s Blog – because I can never get enough of them!
  2. Culture Japan – Danny Choo Network
  3. Japan from Jamie’s perspective: Trying to achieve being a Manga-ka
  4. JASSO

This will be constantly changing as I pull links from Twitter that I was saving for later dates, or new ones I begin to use.

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